Fang Fang

Partner of bdp China


1995 - 1999
University of Harbin, China
Business Administration, degree: Diploma
2002 - 2006
Free University of Berlin, Germany
Economics and Sinology, degree: Master of Arts
2007 - 2010
Innovation Assistant in a German engineering company in Saarland, Germany
Assist the Managing Director to set up a joint venture in China (planning and organization, negotiations, translations, preparation of documents in two languages, review the finance statements)
2010 - 2013
Head of Administration China in a German engineering company in Berlin, Germany
Responsible for setting up a subsidiary in China (selecting location, negotiations with governments, construction project management, recruitment, etc.)
From 2013
Management Consultant and Authorized Representative at bdp Management Consultants GmbH
From 2019
Partner of bdp China and Vice President of bdp Mechanical Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
From 2020
Partner of bdp China und President (COO) of bdp Mechanical Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


  • Company establishment in China

    • Information about the investment locations
    • Establishing contact with authorities and handling bureaucratic formalities
    • Explain the Chinese negotiating techniques to you, review the possibility of financial support and apply for you, participation in negotiations of investment projects
    • Analysis the strengths and weaknesses of different types of company, to help you make the right choice and choose the right business structure
    • Preparation of company establishment documents (business plan, feasibility study report and articles of association etc.) in German, English and Chinese
    • Controlling and coordination the whole establishment process
  • Project coordination and project control between Chinese subsidiary and European parent company

  • Chinese labour law and HR management

    • Salary structure and employment contract
    • Employee handbook
    • Employee loyalty and motivation
    • Intercultural training (misunderstandings, identifying conflicts and finding solutions)
  • Labour dispatch (Advising employment license, employment permit and residence permit)

  • Advising Chinese investors in Europe

  • Consulting import or export business with China


Chinese, German and English