All Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIE) in China are legally obligated to have the annual financial statements examined by a registered CPA in China. Foreign companies who use local Chinese audit firms often encounter several problems:

  • Language problems and problems with cultural differences;
  • Audit reports are too basic and missing detailed information.

bdp can organize and manage the whole auditing process between the Chinese subsidiary and a trusted and registered Chinese audit company effectively to ensure transparency and maximum understanding between German headquarters and Chinese subsidiary. bdp is experienced and able to provide the following services:

  • Assistance in annual audit with consideration for the requirements of Germany parent company and respond to inquiries from the German parent company;
  • Prepare and supervise the whole process of annual audit;
  • Audit of annual financial statements prepared based on China GAAP/German GAAP/ IFRS;
  • Accounting inspection;
  • Examination of internal control systems;
  • IT system examination;
  • Fraud audit;
  • Special audit and internal audit;
  • Due diligence.