Simon Wang

Senior Lawyer


1982 - 1996
Law school of Wuhan University, China
International law
1986 - 1990
Senior Lawyer in a China international trust and investment company, responsible for foreign investment both in China and the Overseas markets
1991 - 1992
Senior Lawyer in one of the leading English law firms in London
1993 - 1997
Senior Lawyer in one of the leading Italian law firms in Rome
From 1998
Senior Lawyer in a PRC law firm focusing on foreign investment
From 2012
Cooperation with bdp, responsible for legal affairs China


  • China´s Company Law and Laws for Foreign-Invested Enterprises (FIE)
  • Contract Law of China, e.g. lease contract, workshop construction contract etc.
  • The Labour Contract Law of China, e.g. employment contract and employee handbook etc.
  • Review the service contract between German parent company and Chinese subsidiary
  • Drafting of legal document.
  • Settlement of contractual disputes through arbitration and/or litigation
  • Settlement of mass labor disputes on behalf of employer
  • Intellectual property protection in China


Chinese and English