Company Set Up Advice

For foreign investors, setting up a company in China can be a time-consuming task. We will review your business requirement and suggest the most suitable business model in China and help you to establish your China business. On your behalf we will also apply for financial subsidies - if available.

1. Company Set Up

  • Set up Representative Office
  • Joint Venture (CJV & EJV)
  • WFOE

1.1 Company registration, legal document preparation

  • Advise German companies investing in China in terms of Chinese laws and regulations;
  • Research information about the investment locations (logistics, warehousing, transportation, infrastructure, etc.);
  • Draft or review business plan (investment requirements, management structure, working capital, etc.);
  • Negotiations with authorities for investment financial and taxation preferential policies, if applicable;
  • Drafting of Feasibility Study Report & Articles of Association;
  • Company name registration;
  • Business license application;
  • Enterprise organizations code, SAFE, tax authorities, customs, etc. registration;
  • Opening bank Accounts (EUR capital account and RMB basic account).

1.2 Government Subsidies Consultancy

In China, there is no fixed local government financial subsidies program – everything must be negotiated individually with the local governments and authorities. We will assist our clients and provide individual solutions to meet customer´s requirements e.g. lease or purchase the factory, claim on subsidies for the enterprise, financing support, negotiations with the local customs authorities, etc.