Management Consulting

1. Enterprise Internal Control: Implementation and Review

Due to differences of language, culture, working styles and problem solving methods, the headquarters of a foreign investor and its subsidiary in China may face challenging situations when trying to reach a mutual understanding on enterprise internal control management. An effective system of internal controls can minimize the risks in advance. In order to ensure the smooth and successful implementation of enterprise internal control, we provide clients in China and Europe the following services:

  • Drawing up internal control system including drafting of internal control handbook and tailor-made internal control procedures (based on headquarter standards) in both English and Chinese;
  • Establishment and implementation of internal control system;
  • Finance controlling (accounts receivable/payable, bank transfers, cash flow management, etc.);
  • Development of an internal tax health checks system and achieving an effective tax planning which fulfills operational needs.

2. Corporate Finance

There are several types of possible financing structures for investment in China, each carrying its own tax-related risks and benefits. We support our clients in the best possible financing structure of local loan, shareholder loan and equity.

  • Asset financing;
  • Project financing;
  • (short-term) loans;
  • Discussions and negotiations with banks.

3. Customs Supports

Customs planning can reduce production and transportation costs for companies and is an important part of global tax planning. bdp can organize and manage the whole customs clearance process between the Chinese subsidiary and a trusted and registered Chinese customs clearance company effectively to ensure transparency and maximum understanding between German headquarters and Chinese subsidiary. bdp is experienced and able to provide the following services:

  • Assistance in customs clearance and respond to inquiries from the German parent company;
  • Supervise the whole process of clearance;
  • Assisting in the registration and approval of import equipment duty-free by authorities, if the conditions are met, this must be described usually very detailed in China;
  • We can help you identify areas that might be challenged from the tax authorities and customs and recommend practical solutions;
  • Together with lawyers, customs clearance companies to prepare related documents;
  • Discussions and negotiations with customs and tax authorities.

4. M&A

Finding investors

  • Strategic partners
  • Private equity

4.1 Transaction Consulting

  • Strategy development or analysis prior to the transaction;
  • Concentration of all the expertise required for the purchase or sale and creation of well-coordinated team;
  • Enactment of due diligence in order to create a meaningful overall picture;
  • Preparation/auditing of financial statements relevant to the purchase price;
  • Negotiation support from a legal, tax and business management perspectives;
  • Contract formulation and analysis together with lawyers, auditors and tax consultants;
  • Post transaction integration consulting.