Accounting & Payroll

bdp China offers your company support in accounting, especially in the preparation and review of monthly/annual financial statement and build of internal financial control system. Our accountants and tax consultants ensure that our accounting services are strictly conducted according to PRC GAAP.

1. Cashier Service

  • Fill in cheques and electronic payment vouchers for payment applications which have been approved;
  • Complete online banking for approved payment applications;
  • Collect and maintain all receipts, invoices and supporting documents;
  • Update the cash book and bank book with the transactions during the month;
  • Carry out bank reconciliations at the end of each month;
  • Assist to convert foreign currency to RMB.

2. Payroll Service

  • Monthly payroll calculation and distribution;
  • Monthly social insurance and housing fund benefits filing and payment.

3. Accounting System Set Up

  • Set up chart of accounts and ledgers which fulfill the PRC GAAP requirements and also meets the requirements of the parent company;
  • Assist in definition of company´s accounting policies/procedures (possible in coordination with the financial management regulation of the parent company) ;
  • Review accounting policies and internal regulations to ensure the Chinese subsidiary in compliance with the Chinese Tax Law and Accounting Standard for Business Enterprises

4. Ongoing Accounting Services

  • Collect and review payment documents;
  • Prepare and maintain the accounting books and records;
  • Prepare monthly financial statements in Chinese and English, i.e. Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, in accordance with the PRC GAAP;
  • Preparation of monthly/yearly financial statements based on the requirements of the parent company;
  • Preparation of group annual financial statements in accordance with IFRS/German GAAP (HGB).

5. Preparation of Consolidation Financial Statement

  • Consolidation German group annual financial statement in coordination with German headquarters’ accounting policies;
  • Chart of accounts comparison between PRC GAAP, German GAAP (HGB) and IFRS;
  • Prepare supporting documents required by the German auditors and supportive explanations to the German auditor regarding consolidated financial statements;
  • Prepare confirmation of the documents regarding financial transactions between German headquarter and Chinese subsidiary.

6. Statistical Form Filing

Companies registered in China are required to prepare and submit the monthly statistics report to China Municipal Statistics Bureau. We will assist the Company to prepare and submit the monthly statistics report according to the rules stipulated for the company registered in China.

7. Enterprise Information Publicity

According to the relevant regulations, all companies are obliged to publish the Annual Report of the previous year before June 30 of the following year. We will assist the Company to prepare and submit the Annual Report according to the rules stipulated for the company registered in China.