Seminar in Shenyang: Financial Management for German SME in China

Companies with certain scales need to establish separate financial departments and hire full-time cashiers and accountants. But, is this the total solution of all requirements of the financial management? However, due to the strong requirements on the duties of a single cashier or accountant they usually have a lack of comprehensive understanding for the financial situation of the whole company. That's normal. An accountant or cashier is, of course, not a tax adviser in the same person, so it is quite normal that a company needs more information about the updated financial and tax regulations to avoid that they feel quite helpless in the face of tax or financial problems during the daily business operations.

05.07.2016 17:00-19:00 Hilton DoubleTree Hotel Shenyang
Seminar in Shenyang - Financial Management for German SME in China

Host: German Chamber of Commerce in China
Speaker: Dr. Michael Bormann Founder & President, German consulting firm bdp group

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